2014 Project Kickoff

January 23, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

For this year's project we decided to really challenge ourselves with a task that would result in making our team stronger photographers. Which is why we decided on a project that will showcase people who have made or are currently making a difference in our state.

It feels as though our social behavior/awareness has morphed into something a little less personal and sometimes when this occurs we take things for granted. Like our streets being plowed just hours after a heavy snow storm or that we can get a cup of coffee at 2am knowing that we still have a five-hour drive to Presque Isle ahead of us. Sometimes we forget that there are people out there fighting challenges much harder than our own and we just need simple reminders to help bring us back to the to basics.

Everyone plays a role in society and some people push to excel and surpass normal expectations. We hope to meet people along the way that inspire all of us and carry their role with pride. Whether it be a teacher, a retired police officer or a taxi driver - people have roles that help us carry out our everyday functions. And then there are those who simply motivate us on a deeper level. Ones that have sacrificed, and fought the fight that is not easy. The ones who have won and lost battles but never gave up. The ones that we turn to for strength and guidance.

We hope this project of 52 portraits in 52 weeks helps celebrate the people and the roles that they carry. In our 2014 Project, DNA Photography hopes to capture not just the people we photograph but also to celebrate the general function that they perform and hope that they act as  strong representatives for the others out there carrying out the same task.

52 in 52 is our attempt to raise awareness of the people around us...and maybe by doing so it will bring a little warmth back to our sometimes cold world.

Because we are only a team of two - we at times will be relying on you - our social network - to bring forth candidates that you have witnessed clearly make a difference in the world around them.

In advance we thank our participants for their time and hope we successfully capture each person as they see themselves in the roles they carry. The clock is ticking and when the 52 weeks are done...so is our project. We know we are going to enjoy this journey...and we hope you do too!


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