Gibson's Orchard, Bethel Maine: Elizabeth and Jim Engagement

June 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Sometimes you have a plan going into a photo shoot. We at DNA Photography always try to have an idea of what we are looking to capture so that we can manage time the best way possible. A few weeks ago we were supposed to do an engagement shoot for Jim and Elizabeth - their family has an orchard in Bethel, Maine and they both were very excited about having some of the apple blossoms in a few of their shots. Well it rained, rained and rained. So bad that we had to reschedule for three weeks later. The problem with bumping out the shoot is that apple blossoms are only in bloom for a small window of time. So after all that rain and with three weeks gone by, Steph and I were both wondering if we would see any blossoms at all.

So as we drove out to their orchard early that Sunday morning, with visions of flowers dancing in our head, we were greeted by huge smiles from Jim and Elizabeth and an orchard of no beautiful blossoms. We spent the first few minutes walking down the rows of apples trees. Steph and I were bummed but our engaged couple thought nothing of it. You could tell that there was some serious chemistry with this two - they were just happy to be together, even if it was in a cloud of annoying black flying pests.

After a few moments of seeing the two of them walk together it was clear that we did not need a beautiful background to enhance this couple's love. We instead turned to the lay of the land and used the amazing backdrop of the orchard around us. As we were wrapping up they brought us to a lone tree in the front yard that still had a few white and pink blossoms that refused to fade. With the few branches of color we had left we tossed them into the thick of the tree and shot until our hearts were content. Here are a few teasers from our shoot with this adorable couple.   



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