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About Us!

Our creative venture started together back in 2010. I was in the process of rebranding my family’s photography business that was launched in 2004 and Stephanie was dabbling in photography as a leisure activity. She started doing family and senior shoots with me and then she got a taste of doing a wedding together. Since then, we have not looked back. We love to work together and see how each wedding unfolds and tells a different story. She enjoys the personal interaction, the problem solving of the day - whereas I am more of a technical guru that will do almost anything it takes to get the shots that can sum up the entire day with a single capture! She is great at vendor and crowd control whereas I am constantly looking for the best light, the best backdrop and the little details that truly capture our clients’ uniqueness.

We love doing weddings but we do much more than just that. We decided right from the start to not do more than 12 weddings a year so that we can approach every wedding with the energy and creative mindset needed for each union. That said, we keep ourselves pretty busy shooting seniors portraits to entire baseball leagues – our photography efforts are never at a rest. We love doing clean looking corporate headshots, amazing sport composites and real estate photography as well.

When we are not lugging our gear around with us on shoots, we are lugging backpacks with us up the many mountains in New Hampshire and Maine. During the nicer months we spend a lot of our free time in nature or wrapped in a blanket during countless soccer and lacrosse games our two boys are playing in.

When we are not playing coach, Stephanie can be found dancing with her tap class while I play soccer with college-aged kids that are much more agile than me. We love spending time with friends and family and when the world allows a large enough window of free time – we love to get out and see the world.

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