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Weddings & Elopements

When your wedding story needs visuals, we are the crew for you!

Stephanie and I are happily married and have been together now for more than 10 years. Our secret is simple – know your partner’s strengths and let them shine! Amongst her many skills, Stephanie first and foremost is being amazing with people – all people! She is a master at getting the gentlemen motivated and keeping them on task. With our brides, she eases their minds and puts their worries to rest! She can solve almost 99.9% of all problems that come up on your wedding day – she is the secret weapon you want on your team! Now Nick on the other hand is a technical Indiana Jones. He will do what it takes to make sure that your images look amazing! Need him to climb a tree, hang from a rafter….need him to light a dark reception hall with three lights but not wash out the mood – he is your guy! Nick is our techy that loves to get creative with photo ideas. Our wedding sessions come with both – we believe that by having both of us at your wedding day that there is nothing we cannot accomplish together.


At DNA Photography we love weddings and we get emotional when we see our couples chase after their dreams! We are passionate about photography and about life – and if you are with the person of your dreams and want your wedding day captures showcasing the love you have for each other in fun and honest photographic ways – you want and need us there!


For what is included in our wedding sessions – please refer to our investment page for a full description of what we offer! When you are ready to talk with us – reach out and we can schedule a free consult where we talk about all your wedding plans and how we want to help make it amazing!

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