Hilton Garden Inn Central Maine Wedding

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DNA Photography officially kicked off its wedding season last Saturday with the union of Bruce and Amber Soper at the Hilton Garden Inn in Auburn, Maine. It was a warm day to say the least but this crew kept it together and the day carried on like a well orchestrated symphony. Nothing was missing from this day which had an emotional first look at Bates College, two dog ringbearers, a speech about subwoofers, and a dance floor that would not cease to die thanks to a handful of hardcore energizer rabbits that insisted that the party would not and could not rest!

Based on the interactions that Stephanie and I observed throughout the day we quickly noticed that the Soper newlyweds are surrounded by a strong and loving core of family and friends and should have more than enough support to help nurture the love they have for one another. We are more than blessed to have had the opportunity to capture their day. Here are a few moments to help tell their wedding story. 


Wedding Vendors and Details

Wedding Dress: Andrea's Bridal

Men Suits: Formal Image

Rings: Day's Jewelers

Hair and Makeup: Cut Loose Hair Designs

Venue: Hilton Garden Inn (Riverside)

Flowers: Sweet Pea Design

Cake: La Bella Torta (The Beautiful Cake)

Photographer: DNA Photography

DJ: DJ Dionne (James)


Portland Maine Outdoor Family Shoot

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It has been some time since our last blog entry but no fear the crew at DNA Photography are back at it again now that the nicer weather is upon us. For our first Maine family photo shoot of the season, we revisited our favorite Scarborough family. Typically we conduct somewhat of a formal family session with this fun crew, but this time around, the three kiddos were the ones calling the shots! It was more like a lifestyle session than a portraiture session - which we loved! We have always wanted to spend an entire day with a family and photography a "day in the life" session. Hopefully one day that will actually happen with one of our families!

In these fun captures Miss K shows that she is the elder child and does her best to reign in the other two free spirits. One cannot go wrong with a few swing shots with Mr. W and as long as there are snacks onboard Mr. B is game for a few quick camera clicks. Along the way a few new faces made quick cameos and helped bring a little more flavor to our already fun and eventually wet shoot! We hope you enjoy this very sweet and adorable family!   

A Day By The Sea: Raincoat Boudoir

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Sometimes the very things you plan for are exactly the things you do not get. Just because you have an idea or a vision doesn't mean that it is going to happen as you had hoped it would. Case and point; the world of concept photography. There are people out there everyday trying to make an image in their head become something tangible on a piece of photo paper. But it takes work, planning, consulting, and often a team.

When you try to go in it alone...you may get something, but that something could be just a shadow of what you were hoping to achieve. However, there can be fruit in everything we do. For instance, a concept piece that I was working on - and will revisit - truly missed the mark. From the failure came an  invaluable exercise of working at peak harsh-light time at various locations with a model.

The experience showed me what needs to be down to successfully conduct a concept piece and how one cannot leave things to chance. Fortunately I was able to turn my session into an experience that allowed me to work with the beautiful Karen Kruger. She has told me that she loves the photos and enjoyed being part of the process. Here are a few of my favorite captures of the session we had together.


Part of the Family: Sweet/St. Pierre Family Winter Session

November 28, 2017  •  2 Comments


With the holiday season upon us, we at DNA Photography are thankful for soo soo many things this year. First for the union of our four-person family #Simthlordedlides when Steph accepted my hand in marriage in May! We are also thankful that we both made it out alive after deciding to get married and build a house in the same year. We are thankful for our amazing family and friends that have helped us along the way. The list goes on and on...but one that we get reminded of, almost every single weekend, is our extended DNA Family. We have some of the best clients in the world and we love that we get the chance to see most of them at least once (sometimes twice) a year.  

We have been shooting the Sweet/St. Pierre family now for more than a four years. When we started we were a mere five-minute drive from each other. Then they moved about 45 minutes away and we thought our days of capturing their family portraits were over...but they asked us to come down to them. Then we moved our home studio to another location and they came back to see us. And honestly...we could not be happier. In fact...this is why we got into family photos. We wanted to grow with families and learn something new about them every time we see them. Now Miss K walks up to us with a giant grin on her face knowing that she is with people who are going to make this process fun! Little Man W is always a joy unless you have to wake him up from a nap and lastly we all are still testing the waters with Baby B; after all he is not a seasoned veteran yet like his other two siblings. 

Brian and Anna have done such an amazing job with their little family. We love them more than we can express and get excited to hear from them multiple times a year! Here are a few of our favorite shots from their latest session.  

Cold Coastal Afternoon: Schram Family

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Sometimes...it is just too cold. We took to Portland's Eastern Promenade to capture one of our return families on a bitterly cold afternoon. It was so cold that the family had all agreed to do the entire family shoot within a 50-foot area. I love variety and we at DNA Photography love a good challenge. So we took on this multi-tiered family and we believe that we made it work. We were able to get a fun variety of the Schram family and get everyone back in time for the 4pm football games. We have said it before and we will say it again - we love our returning families! It is such an honor to have so many families return to us year after year. We are so thankful for all our supporters. Here are a few of our favorite captures on this cold and windy shoot.