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For Your Athlete

Sports Photography

“Pictures of you, pictures of me, hung up on your wall for the world to see” When you want images that match your athlete’s passion and intensity you want Maine’s premiere sports photographer on the scene!

Looking to up your team photo game? Want to leave your visiting teams mesmerized by your amazing waterproof artistic team banners? Then look no further my friend for you have found the home of Maine's premiere sports photography. Our main goal is to make your athletes feel like the true rock stars that they are. Whether you have an entire league or a travel team looking to show off their passion for their sport - we got you covered. Named Maine's Top Sports Photographers for four consecutive years by the Maine Professional Photographers Association - we want to help you and your team create something totally epic! Whether it be a 9-foot banner or perhaps provide your seniors with a keepsake that helps celebrate their many years of hard work we are here for you. Be the cool Booster parent or Athletic Director that brings a game-changing photo day to your team or school!  

What We Offer

Sports Composite vs. Traditional

We at DNA Photography offer up two amazing options to help celebrate your team. Your team may wish to up their team photos by having Nick create a customizable banner that showcases your team's epic-ness. The smoke, the attitude, the mood we will create something that you and your team will be proud of! Our team and player composites are guaranteed to deliver and we do not duplicate our templates for that year! Meaning your team or school will be the only ones we publish like it for that entire season! Best thing about composites is that if you are missing a player - we can always add them in later! 


Now for that true purest or just for the sake of nostalgia - we do offer traditional photography as well but we do it with an edge that makes your athletes look like titans! Our award-winning traditional style has helped breathe new life into Maine sports photography all while still allowing photo day to move quickly and smooth.     

Photo Gallery

Sports Photography

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