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Southern Maine Spring Wedding - DNA Photography

Joe and Amber - DNA Photography


Nine years ago Joe and Amber met thanks to the help of some mutual friends. A few years past (five to be exact) and the two of them started to make a stronger connection. Stephanie and I learned that for their first date they drove up to a mountain to watch the sunset and this is when Amber knew that she had found her lifelong partner. The two have been nearly inseparable since that night and spoke nonstop for three straight weeks when Joe decided to officially ask her out on a date. Then one year, on a faithful Christmas morning the two of them went about their day doing the typical holiday family routine. When the day started to wind down - Joe decided that it would be at that moment he wanted to ask for Amber's hand in marriage.

Flash forward to last fall. We met Amber and Joe in Deering Oak Park just before sunset on a chilly evening. Nick was doing his typically "just one more shot" routine as he attempted to capture the last warm rays of the day. We knew right out of the gate that this couple was special. Posing them together was effortless and they both truly seemed to enjoy their time together. From that shoot we captured one of our favorite engagement photos to date.

Amber shared with us that she and Joe wanted to keep things simple for their wedding. They wanted to have fun with their friends and family and avoid the limitations of curfews and other restrictions. For them the decision was easy - a tented backyard wedding was going to cut away any possible red tape preventing them from having the time of their lives. The two wed on May 4th in Arundel on a sunny late afternoon with friends and family. We had so much fun with this amazing couple and it was a blast getting to meet their crazy dancing crew! This was such a fun way to kickoff our 2019 wedding season! Here are a few teasers showcasing there amazing day!

Rings: Kohls

Hair and Makeup: Trim & Proper Salon

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