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Sunset Surprise - Golder Wedding Proposal

So early this summer Stephanie and I were invited to take part in something absolutely amazing - we were asked to ambush a surprise wedding proposal!

It was fun, it was exciting...and it was emotional! We arrived before our couple did and created a small heart made of washed up seaweed. This was to be there surprise proposal spot. We then grabbed our large umbrella and hid behind it watching the whole thing unfold as they rounded the corner. It was so romantic and epic on so many levels.

Congrats John Golder and Brianna Kelly on your engagement! We were so blessed and honored to watch this unfold. Mr. Golder A+ on execution!! These two are just a single example proving that even during a pandemic, amazing and moving things can happen!

Here are just a few of our favorite captures from their newest chapter in life - one in which they will now be writing together! There engagement photos are soon to follow!

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