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1888 Barn - A DNA Photography Maine Foliage Wedding

Allysa and Nick - DNA Photography


Vows are often well thought out before the wedding day and then recited for all to hear during the union ceremony. They are spoken promises that a partner is given to his or her significant other. A testimony for all to hear so that an audience can bare as witnesses and supporters.

Stephanie and I have chosen to only shoot a few weddings each year. We promised ourselves that we would always allot time for our busy family and not surrender every weekend to weddings so that we can nurture our own. When we meet with potential clients we make sure that the relationship is going to be a good fit. Like some cheese or romance comedies - we are not for everyone. That said we know our audience and when we find a couple that we can work for - we not only vow to capture their day with our artistic flare, we make a promise to ourselves that we will make their wedding day the best day possible for our clients. We aim to be more than just photographers - we hope not be considered as hired hands but instead two confidants there to make sure all goes as desired. When obstacles surface, we do what we can to dissolve them quickly so our clients can focus on enjoying their celebration. In our opinion, the latest wedding we work played out like a well orchestrated symphony and as an added bonus we had the chance to work at a venue that was new to us, the 1888 Barn.

We met Allysa and Nick by way of a wedding we did last year. We are fortunate that our bridal couples are amazing. In all reality 70% of our work is awarded to us by way of customer referrals. We are forever indebted to our amazing DNA family! More often than not, we become friends with our wedding couples and continue to keep in touch with them as their families evolve through the years. We hope that Allysa and Nick will be no exception to this. They are two compassionate people that are loved and adored by their friends and peers. We had such an amazing time capturing their wedding that we honestly could have kept shooting them for days to follow. They made themselves available to us throughout the entire day and allowed us to capture some truly amazing foliage wedding shots as they day grew older.

If given the chance, we would shoot their wedding again tomorrow. Allysa and Nick, the love you two have for each other is so pure. Whether it be the tears shed at the covered bridge reveal (that also made Steph cry) or just the pure joy that we spied throughout the day as you two locked eyes.

We are truly fortunate to have been hired to work a previous wedding and that it resulted in having our paths cross. To the couple that hired us for that wedding last year (not going to name anyone for I don't want to take any glory away from this wedding story) - thank you so much! And to our new DNA newlyweds, thank you for trusting in our corky duo to forever capture your wedding day. We love you both so much and cannot wait for you and your loved ones to relive your day through the amazingly beautiful images you helped us capture.

Again we are nothing without our amazing Clients. We hope you all enjoy the numerous teasers from their Maine October wedding held at the lovely 1888 Barn in Bethel.

Photography: DNA Photography

Venue: 1888 Barn

Engagement Ring: #1 Diamonds Source

Wedding Bands: Day's Jewelers

Hair and Makeup: The Amazing (in our opinion) Audrey Martin

Cake: Liz Grant