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DNA Photography

Award Winning Photography

Welcome to our corner of the world where our passion for photography comes second only to making you feel at ease in front of our cameras. Time doesn’t stand still but hopefully with our skillset you will be able to revisit your most important milestones along the way, using our captures and prints like a rewind button time and time again. We are DNA Photography and we are so happy that you have stopped in to visit!


This is happening…you are getting married! You are no doubt excited and possibly a little bit overwhelmed. You are looking for more than just a photographer – you want a team that is going to help you along this wedding journey and insure that your big day goes just as you envisioned it! Whether it be a large coastal Maine wedding or an intimate elopement – Stephanie and Nick want to be your forever photographers!



Looking to update your living room walls with photos of your loved ones? Whether it be family photos at the beach, your first child’s cake smash or your last child’s senior portraits – we are here to help you celebrate your family and its milestones along the way.

Sports Photography

Tired of the same old look every year and want to bring your athlete’s photo day to the next level? You are just one click away from leveling up your sports photos and banners! Come see what magic our award-winning team can do for you! Be that coach, athletic director or booster parent that becomes an instant hero by making photo day fun again!

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Corporate & Commercial

For more than 10 years now we have been helping local business put their best face forward! Specializing in corporate headshots and commercial photography, our team is ready to help you and/or your company LEAVE A MEMORABLE MARK in your competitive market!


For families that celebrate their loved ones by continuously redecorating their homes with updated photos – we got your needs covered. From huge wall hangings to grandparent prints – we can help you in countless ways. Partnered with our print labs, we are ready to supply you with masterfully colored prints, canvas and metal prints! Do not just let images live online or in your phone!

Wall decor

Professional & Experienced

Photography is Our Passion

10,000! That is the number of hours experts say one must put into something before they start to master it! We say why stop there! When you stop learning, educating and edging forward – you slow down – and we have no desire to do that! As a long-standing member of state and national photography groups – we enjoy pushing ourselves and our peers out of our comfort zones so that we can become stronger individuals! If you are passionate about something then you want a passionate photographer there to do what they love doing! When something becomes a passion it no longer becomes just work – it becomes a defining feature of your identity, it becomes part of your DNA!

What our clients say!


"Nick and Stephanie are the best. Personable, professional and always responsive. They were absolutely amazing. Highly recommend. Check out their work!"

- Sandra Irish

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Please feel free to fill out our quick form or give us a call at, 207-318-7363.


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