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Bath Golf Club - A DNA Photography Maine Fall Wedding

Melissa and Megan - DNA Photography


As photographers we feel there are just a handful of things more beautiful than capturing the warm colored trees during our Maine foliage. One of such is when we stumble on a relationship that a couple has, and the simple act of observing their interaction, warms our very spirits. Their story is simple and inspiring. They started as friends and due to no doubt the charm and charisma they both possess they mutually fell into a spell, one in which we believe is contagious.

When we first met Melissa and Megan it was clear that these two were easy going, fun-lovin' people. This proved to be true during their slightly rainy engagement shoot. Nothing seems to damping their moods. They leaned against wet trees, jump over puddles and embraced each other - they were just happy to exist together.

We asked these ladies what was one of their most memorable moments of their big day. Melissa shared that if she could go back and continuously relive a moment on that sunny October day, it would probably be when she walked up and tapped Megan on the shoulder during their first look. You cannot fake the happiness and love they share for one another. I can personally say that it was one of our favorite moments as well. From the reading of the cards to the dabbing of tears it was all picture perfect. But here I am rambling on and on when our photos can very easily summarize their wedding story.

Melissa and Megan - Stephanie and I are blessed to have had our path cross with yours. You both have left your mark on us and we cannot wait to see how your story continues. We love you both and are glad you are now part of our DNA family!

Photography: DNA Photography

Dress: Ellenhouse

Hair and Makeup: Ashley's Salon

Flowers: Aunt Mavis

Wedding Coordinator: Shane Van Vliet

Transportation: Bath Trolley

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